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Reika Daki (SFW)


This soft and huggable daki is printed on two-way tricot fabric, that is soft to the touch and also durable.

Machine washable, these pillows are 150cm x 50 cm, meaning they will provide great support for sleeping and cuddling.

These Dakis are still a work in progress, the artwork will be updated as it is completed, on twitter and patreon. Once the artwork is complete we can then order the pillows and then ship them to you! Pre-ordering a daki, not only saves you money, but helps me get them completed faster, and means I can order more of them!

If the Reika Dakis sell well, I will even start doing more daki designs. I already have one in mind for Renashu my dashing fox husband~

  • Character belongs to the respective owner
  • Art belongs to me
Weight .542 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 3.8 cm

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