Step 1 – Initial Contact

Send an email to, with the following information;

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information (if using something other than email)
  • Commission Type (Chibi, bust, thigh-high, full body, stickers, badge)
  • Commission Style (Sketch, linework, shaded, traditional, copic marker)
  • Background (yes or no)
  • Adult Content (yes or no)
  • Commission Details
    • Be as thorough as possible with describing what you want to see in your commission. Keep in mind that making edits after the commission has been sketched out may result in additional charges.

Step 2 – Discussion

Once your request has been received I will review it and then reply to discuss any additional details I may need before giving you a quote. Once we have finalized the details of your commission I will give you a quote. Please note that quotes can be subject to extra charges if you decide to change or add details after paying.

Step 3 – Payment

Once I have given you a quote payment is due in full before I will start working on your commission. I will send you an invoice through Square if you are able to pay with a credit card. If you cannot use a credit card I will send you an invoice through Paypal. Any payments sent to me that are not in response to an invoice will be considered a donation! Invoices allow me to track payments, and give proper receipts for tax purposes.

Please keep in mind that I do not accept e-transfers.

Step 4 – Sketch

Once payment has been received and I have gotten to your spot in the queue I will start by sketching out your commission. When that is finished I will send it to you for approval. This is the only time you can request changes to the layout or design of your commission! Small edits such a posing or expression I will change free of charge, if you require major changes there may be additional charges. Once you have approved the sketch I will continue working on the art, and you may no longer request changes to the design or layout of the commission.

Step 5 – Colouring

After I have finished the flat colouring of your commission(i.e. no shading), I will send it to you again for approval. This is your only opportunity to request changes to the colouring. Once I have begun shading, it becomes very difficult to change the colours of a commission. Once you have approved the colouring I will begin shading.

Step 6 – Final Product

When your commission is complete I will send you a high-resolution copy of your commission and post it to my various art galleries. (Furaffinity, Patreon, Twitter, etc.) At this point you are free to post your commission wherever you like. Please keep in mind that I retain the copyrights to my artwork, and therefore you may not use it to create merchandise to sell, or sell the artwork to anyone else without my permission.