If you order a commission or receive artwork from me you agree to abide by my TOS listed below:

I retain all copyrights to my artwork. This means I reserve the right to post any commissions I draw to any website I choose, including but not limited to my personal website, patreon, etc. I also reserve the right to make and sell merchandise using your commission. As the commissioner you will be given credit for any characters or designs that belong to you, but not for the artwork itself. If you do not wish for me to use your commission for merchandise, or wish for it to remain private and not be posted publicly, you must let me know before the commission is complete. However please be aware that I do not generally take commissions that I cannot post publicly.

Once we have finished discussing the details of your commission, payment is due in full before I will begin working. You will receive an invoice from me via square, to pay with a credit card, or visa debit. If you cannot pay this way, or do not have a credit card you must let me know before sending the payment so I can invoice you through paypal. You may of course also pay for a commission in person if you are ordering from me at a convention, where you will be given a receipt in lieu of an invoice.

Any payment sent to me that is not in response to an invoice will be considered a donation. Invoices allow payments to be tracked, and proper receipts to be given. I do not accept payments without invoices (or receipts in the case of a cash payment), to avoid any confusion, or misunderstanding involving payment status.

Payments are only refundable before the initial sketch is approved by you. If you are unhappy with the sketch and request a refund, you will still be charged for the sketch. Any work done after this point renders your payment non-refundable. In the unlikely event that I am unable to continue with your commission, I will give a partial refund based on the current level of completion.
:hearts: If you need to contact me for any reason about your commission(s) please use my business email; commissions@jenessa-reika.ca. All other forms of contact listed on my website are personal accounts, and I therefore cannot guarantee that you will get a reply. You may also find updates on the status of your commission on Trello. https://trello.com/b/0WvxM2Bw/jenessa-reika-art

Any edits to the general layout of your commission (posing, outfit, background, etc.) must be requested during the sketch stage. Once the sketch is approved, these details cannot be changed. Any edits to the colouring of your commission must be requested before shading has started. If any edits requested are overly dramatic, or require a large amount of additional work I may add an additional charge to be paid before the edits are completed. Once shading has begun the colouring cannot be changed. The only exception to these rules is if I have missed a major detail from the references you provided or details we had discussed. If I have made a mistake I will correct it free of charge. If you failed to inform me of a detail you needed added, or changed you will then be subject to an editing fee.

WIPs and progress images are for your personal use and/or approval only, other artists and commissioners are NOT allowed to finish my WIPs or progress images unless otherwise allowed by me.

You are not allowed to make edits to my artwork, or have other artists do so. This includes removing any watermarks, or signatures of mine. You may also not add your own watermarks, or signatures to my artwork. This is due to me retaining the copyright for my artwork.

If I have any questions, concerns, or updates on your commission I will contact you via the email you supply when you first contact me. I will occasionally use other methods, (telegram, facebook etc.) upon request, but I prefer to use email.

If I contact you about your commission and you do not respond to me within two months of my first attempt to contact you, your commission will be cancelled and your payment will not be refunded. I will make several attempts to contact you, and will give you a final warning before your commission is cancelled.

General updates such as finished artwork uploads, delays with merchandise, or delays because of life emergencies will be posted and or announced via my twitter @Jenessa_Reika .

If a deadline is needed for a birthday or holiday, there will be a rush fee of 10% per person you jump on my queue.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Any attempt to bribe, coerce, or otherwise force me to draw for you will result in you being blacklisted.

Defamation, harassment, or verbal/written abuse will result in your commission being cancelled with no refund and you being blacklisted.

Any artwork containing explicit or otherwise sexual content may only be ordered by people who are over 18 years of age. (Or the legal age for your country/state). By ordering a commission containing explicit content you agree that you are over 18. I am not liable for your actions if you falsify your age when ordering a commission.

My turnaround time for commissions is generally between one and three months, however as a work-from-home mother of two young children life will occasionally get in the way. If this happens I will contact you to let you know your commission will be delayed. I do ask that you be patient and understanding in these matters.